The mission of this awesome tribe at MEDIAGENIX is to enable renowned public and commercial radio and TV stations, on-demand platforms, OTT streamer and telcos to bring content to the viewer with our broadcast management system called WHATS’ON

Help us develop innovative software solutions for the fast-paced media world. Share our professional pride: the pride you feel when you see that the BBC's, MTV's, and Disney's of this world use the solution you work on; the pride in the craftsmanship you can keep perfecting. Because very knowledgeable colleagues support you and share their knowledge as they also share that unquenchable thirst for continuous improvement. These are exciting times, as we are adapting and moving our amazingly extensive and sophisticated software suite to a web- & cloud-based environment. You will be joining us in our continuing search for new, inspired software solutions that meet new needs of the fast-paced media world and help our customers with their digital transformation.